Saturday, August 13, 2011

What does it mean if i spit bloody loogies?

ok, about three daus ago i felt like i was starting to get sick when i had a tickle in the back of my throat. by the time i was done with work i was feeling like ****. i was very fatigued, congested, and beginning to lose my voice from yelling all day. after work i immidiatly went to the store and bought some airborne and some excedrin sinus headache, which made me feel a bit better but i coninued to havea runny nose with congestion. i had tried for days to blow my nose and/or sniff to hock a loogie and for some reason however hard i tried nothing would come out. i could feel the mucous in my nasal cavity build up as the days went on but i could not get it out until finally last night i snorted as hard as i could, then hocked and what came up was so big i even chocked a little. i spit the loogie out and couldnt believe what came out. it was the biggest loogie i have ever had or seen, but it was almost all chunky blood with some yellow/green mucous. the reason im so worried about this is because i have been addicted to snorting oxycodone for about two years now, i have blown bloody boogers before now and again but never this much and never in a loogie. after that every time i snort a roxy i almost vomit the second i do. ive been feeling much better today although i hocked another bloody loogie (not nearly as bad as the first) i just wanna know how serious this sounds and if i should see a it possible that the blood is just from having a head cold or something minor, or is this a serious problem. please no judging comments about my addiction im just concerned for my health. if anyone out there is a doctor or who has any experience or knowledge about sinus/head colds or bloody lougies/mucous from snorting roxies please help me answer my question, thanks.

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